Store management

We take care of your daily eCommerce operations to ensure that your store is organized, updated and well configured.

Borderless, a leading e-commerce solutions provider delivers efficient Store Management Services to give organizations an edge over their competitors. We combine a well-trained team with extensive expertise in product data entry and E-Commerce Store Support Services to relieve you from your exhaustive routine activities, allowing you to focus on further growing your business internationally.

How it works

We treat every project individually and carry out extensive research every time. From here, depending on the priorities, we then take the best action that suits your case.

From attributes to meta tags to pricing to shipping policies to image processing, and to warranties – there is no task we don’t cover.

When it comes to maintenance, we regularly update the product information with new prices, availability of stock, removal of products, product images, and wrong orders in a timely manner. Our dedicated technical team do regular updates and will keep you informed throughout the process via notifications.

Other services we include as part of our standard package are catalog updating, bulk product uploading on e-commerce platforms, data processing, and picture uploading after editing has taken place.

Why choose By Borderless?

  • E-commerce experts. Our years of experience in e-commerce development and maintenance combined with our countless successful partnerships with e-commerce stores over the last decade means you’ll get nothing but the best.
  • Experienced and skill team. Our dedicated team is made up of a range of specialists, all of whom have different roles in their fields, such as engineers, data entry operators, image editors, content writers, and more.
  • Quality assurance. Our quality assurance team ensures the quality of your catalog data.

Catalog management

We organize, standardize (product descriptions, manufacturer details, images, dimensions and prices) and publish your products.

Vendor management

We provide you with seller management services that includes vendors approval, seller performance, mediation services, control of account duplication, and avoidance listing restricted brands / products. In short, we offer assurance of a great customer service provided by your sellers.

Order processing

We process your orders from receiving and validating them to coordinating with the fulfillment warehouse and dispatching to the last-mile carrier.

Store settings

We configure your store by updating currencies and taxes, promotions and newsletters, measurement units, date and time zones, transactional emails, payment and shipping methods, store notifications, and any other settings.