Order Fulfillment & Warehousing

We cover the process of receiving, storing, packing, processing and delivering orders to end customers.


We are a storage service based in Latin America, which specializes in short and long-term storage solutions. We will protect, manage, and classify your inventory.

Quality assurance

We offer physical product inspections and more detailed quality controls to deliver the highest standards to your customers.

Inventory management

Our services include monitoring inventory levels, recording incoming/outgoing stock, issuing purchase requisitions, and updating product availability.


We offer a label and pasting identification service with official shipping and compliance labels.


We are able to pack you items as a single combined unit, ensuring ease of delivery.


With multi-item orders, we can consolidate into one single package.

Cross Docking

We take your incoming shipment and load it directly onto outbound transport without the need for temporary storage.

Pick and pack

When your items arrive, we collect them from our warehouse in preparation for shipment by packing it safely and inserting the necessary requested documentation.


All packages are tracked in real time, showing order fulfillment and the shipping status.